Brewery Takeover Tour
"This tour was created for Artists & Beer Enthusiasts by Artists & Beer Enthusiasts..."
-Ryan Hanna (RBHworks)
Mission Statement:
  Ryan Hanna of RBHworks LLC doesn't take anything seriously.  So he thought to himself "why would I take throwing an art show any differently..." He just wanted a space to throw the area's most fun and unique art experience. 
  In a beautiful accident, Ryan has created this tour; a place where lesser known Artists and Craft Brewers can show / sell the fruits of their labor...   And drink a few beers of course...

A bit more about the event: 

  RBHworks does not take any money from the brewers, nor any commission from the artist.  What we have here is a pure Art event.  We hope that you will come out with your friends, support local small businesses, and buy some excellent art for your home or collection!

  So, come out to meet some great people, talented artists, and most of all have a good time.  We hope to see you there!

If you feel like supporting our shows, please click the Donate button. 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the show!